Super buggy visualzation issues: "Ghosted" view navigation with Macbook Pro trackpad

This is for the latest mac build (downloaded as of today). When I often use my mac trackpad to work in Rhino, instead of my mouse. When I’m spinning the model around in ghosted view (using two finger swiping on the trackpad), the my CAD model in the perspective view set to “ghosted view” flickers solid white on and off intermittently.

This only happens when I’m using the trackpad, but not when I’m using the mouse. Maybe something to do with difference in the resolution of movement, or the driver for either and how well Rhino handles that?

This might be related to the other display issue you reported. Let me know all the info I asked for in the other post please when you can. OSX version, Mac hardware, is it one model or any model? Screenshots or video of the issue is great too.