Rhino 8 Lagging on Intel Mac

I have an intel based Mac. After I downloaded the last Rhino update I have been experiencing serious lag to the point where I can barely work anymore. I have never had this issue before, what am I missing? I have added my System Info for reference.

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Hi Hilgard, Please post the complete systeminfo (3rd party plugin list)

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Added the rest of the System Info.

Thanks, I was hoping for a plugin causing the issue, but does not appear to be the case. Is this happening in a particular file?

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Its happening to all my files. My files are about 100MB, not crazy big. Never had an issue until this last week. When I do basic tasks there is a delay, I get the spinning wheel or it just freezes for a few seconds.

I’m going to send you the previous build and the latest. Please try the latest first thanks.

Is there any difference if you disconnect external monitors?

Are you going to email me a download link?

I have always had two monitors but I can try unplugging it to see if that helps but that would not help my workflow so its almost a mute point if I have to turn that off.

I thought i did, I’ll send again.

I got it. I will try the latest version and see if that fixes it. Thanks!

I loaded the latest version and things started out good but then 30 minutes in it completely froze. I let it sit for several minutes to see if it would unfreeze but I had to force quit the application. I will reboot and try again.

Can you make us a crash dump and upload here, with a link to this thread in the comments? Thanks


Since that initial crash it seems to be OK for now. I will see how today goes. Thanks!

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