Ghgl vertex color?

Does anyone know to get vertex color in ghgl like gl_Color?

vertex could be got from " layout(location = 0) in vec3 _meshVertex; " , but how about vertex color?

Do you want the vertex colors that are already set on a mesh? This is currently not available, but I could probably wire it up pretty quick.

Yes, input mesh already has vertex color.I’m looking forward update.

I just updated ghgl to version 0.3.5 which you should be able to install from TestPackageManager in Rhino.

This includes support for mesh vertex colors. A sample using this in GhGL can be found at

Oh, Thank you, this is what i want.
Thank you again !

Hi @stevebaer, since edit code doesn’t work, could you add a diffuse colour to prevent the magenta shading please, thank you

I would rather just fix the code editor instead of creating a work around

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I think Rhino 7.6 will fix the issue with the code editor falling behind grasshopper. Please update to 7.6 when you get a chance.