GG Rhino LandXML import and export


I saw @jonm post in LinkedIn that it’s possible to convert LandXML into IFC. Is there any plans to extend this to also exporting LandXML geometries?

If not, I’m open to hints and tips where on how to turn basic meshes to LandXML =) goal is to deliver machine control data for excavators from geometry modelled in Rhino/GH.

Hi Rasmus,

It sounds like a great outcome. Is there any chance to consider using IFC as the exchange model?
It has a lot of 4D (and also cost) capability as well, so that you can sequence tasks (including lag times).

Soon the infrastructure extensions will be public, and this includes earthworks improvements etc.

We could arrange an online meeting to discuss if you thought it would be helpful.
At present, we’ve only implemented landXML import, but it is possible for basic export to be added.



IFC is an option if the machine control software of the excavators can process it. Currently I only know that LandXML is a working format :slight_smile:

Can you please email me a sample landxml file that demonstrates what you define there?

Do you generate one file with design geometry and one with prior state?