GG: incomplete geometry on IFC2x3 files

Hi, @jonm , @NathanGG i’m having issues creating IFC 2x3 files of some terrain models.
Here is side a side by comparison, showing the results obtained with both IFC4 and IFC2X3
It’s a mesh that i’m representing as IfcTessellatedFaceSet, with any other fancy stuff. Executed via GH, on GG Version=

Is it there any polycount limitation with IFC2x3 that i’m not aware of? the problem keeps arising with “big meshes”

What happens if you import the resultant IFC back into a blank Rhino file?
This will reveal if there is a problem in the creation of the file, or in the implementation importing it.

There is no formal limits to number of faces/vertex in IFC as defined by buildingSMART. IFC4 serializes a triangulated representation in a much more efficient way, you should see a significant reduction in file size. Our toolkit/implementation does not constrain the number of faces either.

If there import to rhino reveals the IFC file is missing faces, let me know and I’ll help troubleshoot.



Hi @jonm , thank you as always for your attention.
ggIfcImporting to rhino gives the same result here, missing geometry…

Thanks for privately sharing some test data. I confirm I did find a constraint in the Grasshopper conversion that was limiting the number of faces.
I’ve made an improvement to work with these larger mesh (there will be some system resource limit if you went magnitudes bigger). If you can please update the plugin from package manager, let me know if you don’t have success.



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Yes! working fine now Jon, thanks
Amazing customer service as always.