Convert landxml data to lines/curves/meshes

I have a bunch of landxml files (bridge alignments: and topographic surfaces ( which I would like to parse resulting in lines and surfaces. Anybody here who has done this before and can get me started?
Many thanks in advance.


whenever i dealt with LandXML i did it this way: imported them via Import Map command in AutocadMap, saved as .dwg, imported in Rhino, referenced geometry in GH mostly with Geometry Pipeline.

AFAIK there is no GH add-on which can process LandXML data.

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Actually Geometry Gym has developed functionality to extract data from landxml, although I’d describe it as “Work in Progress” and “Just in Time”. And the grasshopper functionality works on IFC representation of the concepts (we don’t plan to duplicate this for landxml unless there is enough demand).

If you install the latest ggRhinoIFC plugin from the downloads page at
then you can run rhino command ggIFCConvertFromLandxml to generate the Ifc representation.

I’ve attached a sample script to extract alignment curves and TIN from a sample file on the landxml website.

Note that transition spirals such as clothoids need to be approximated to nurbs and at present we have only implemented clothoids. Others can be done on demand.

Please check the results carefully, if there’s any suggestions or requests for improvements, please post to the forum or email. We plan to enable a lot more infrastructure BIM this year as the IFC extension is published. (272.9 KB)