IFC to Revit

I am working at a company that designs and builds special projects. We are using rhino as our main software. The industrie ask ’s us to use IFC for transfer data. Now I am searching fort he best way to transfer the 3d data from and to Rhino.

is there somebody who has experiance with GeometryGym?
I would like to keep using rhino and send the data to IFC, but with some extra metadata to the parts.

GG Will work like a charm. If you can Code use gg’s .net library, it is even better: I found annoying to “manually” define properties with grasshopper components, particular when each “building element” has dozens of different properties…

but do i need to model with GH or just with Rhino? I can’t code but like to learn.

Hi Bart,

I just replied to your email. Certainly you can create the geometry as you prefer in Grasshopper/Rhino.
There are some logistics to adding the Information (I in BIM) and classification etc, but I can talk you through these aspects.



VisualARQ adds IFC Import / Export to Rhino. It also includes way to tag regular Rhino objects with IFC Object Type or additional data.

You can add/modify user data with human or elefront.