What's with the Perspective View in Rhino 6?

I just installed Rhino 6 after working for several years in Rhino 5 and I am really having trouble with the Perspective View in 6. In 5, I worked in the Perspective view a lot because it was so much easier to see what was going on. But in 6, Perspective is not as realistic – at least as I have it set up now. Lines are shown out of relationship to other objects. I have to confirm what I think is shown in Perspective in other views.

What am I doing wrong?

Hilary Smith
Pacific Northwest USA

Ah . . . forget it. This particular problem occurs in 5 too.

You’re probably far from the origin…

Thanks for taking an interest in my issue. I centered my project right onto 0,0,0 . . . but no joy.


OK, we probably need to see the results of your SystemInfo command (in Rhino), in particular your video card and driver date…

Other thing to try, go into Options>View>OpenGl and uncheck “GPU Tesselation”… any better?



I’ve discovered the problem – I was having a brain cramp! The position of the offending lines turned out to be not where I thought they were. The perspective view is correct. But thanks to you, I corrected the errors in the model.

Sorry for the false alarm.