Getting started with Nexorades, Reciprocal, Zollinger and others


It might be useful for someone who wants to start studying reciprocal patterns.

I have added a set of examples files to NGon 2.2 that I have been learning from.
I hope it will be in some use or least to play with.

Some of the components also outputs adjacency information so that you will be able to set up Kangaroo2 simulation to reduce eccentricities following discussion here
Reciprocal (14.6 KB)

The primary focus of that, was an application in round sections,

but there are examples in rectangular sections as well


Most of the examples follow the standard rhino mesh graph data-structure or polygonal grouping (NGons) following
the translation:

or rotation logic

or rotation + tiling method

Behind some of the methods I use basic graph traversing algorithms such as breath-first-search to iterate the mesh faces of the tessellated NURBS that are subdivided into meshes.

The example is here (1.2 MB)

The plugin is here 2.2



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Astounding! To a degree your latest version even seems to be macOS compatible, at least to a certain degree. Thanks for sharing this.

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Hi Petras,

I was directed to this chat from a question I posted earlier today: Zollinger Roof structure

I am trying to create a zollinger timber structure on a barrel surface and it seems like this is possible using the NGon plugin. I have attempted to use the plugin but I am a bit lost, are you able to send a script for this please?

Best regards,

Hi @mistryr427,

Regarding the forum:
if you dont reply directly below a post, maybe a person will miss you reply.In this case with the @ symbol you can vinculate a person to asure he sees you response.

Regarding you question:
Did you check the example files Petras provides with the plug-in?

Can you upload geometry?

Hi Petras,

Thank you for the quick response.

Zollinger_Lamella_Structure.3dm (117.1 KB) (13.2 KB)

Ok thank you.

I should compile C# code to normal components, for now replace NGonsCore.dll to the one found on your libraries folder: (35.9 KB)


Just opened it up and it all works, thank you!