Dear @DanielPiker,

I would like to ask if it possible to make line-line goal in such a way that the line do not slide between each other, but keeps original position as close as possible.

To make line-line goal work I need to scale them, so original red points does not exist in the input.
But I need them to indicate the original position of lines. Ideally the lines would not slide between each other but rotate. I know that the curvature will change, but with current setup I cannot use larger size sticks, it is only possible to make a relaxation if radius is relatively small or close to original curvature distortion.

I attach the files for the setup I have.

The problem:

I wish to keep these point as close as possible (anchor points goal does not help):

Relaxation.3dm (10.5 MB) (18.8 KB)

One possible solution is to mix line-line goal with Curve on Point goal, that keeps close to initial position, but the problem here is that you cannot prevent flipping curves/ moving over each other since the input lines for line-line goal are not scaled:

So the question I have is there any way to use line-line goal and prevent particles flipping over each other without scaling the input lines?