Is this fine to do the following?


I tend to post open-source work on McNeel forum,
knowing that it might help for other students struggling with similar issues.

I would like to ask someone that had similar issues with such direct copy posts and how to react to this?

First I thought that the post of “Parametric House” is just a reference to original post, but seems not. Normally it would be at least good to notify author beforehand and reference work properly. On other perspective when coding, I use third party libraries in my work and try to contact authors to get permission.

I appreciate the reference but prior notification is a must.

Sorry for a “bad” note but if there would be a better communication we could make a good collaboration and well crafted articles.

I am talking about this:

And this is the original post:

Sincerely yours,


Of course it’s not okay if he doesn’t ask your permission. He doesn’t contribute to the work, he just uses it to improve his commercial site.

But let’s see, almost all of us come from an education of spectators instead of creators. These shits will continue to happen, it is in our hands to change that. Talk to him, he will surely remove it if you want to, and for the next one he will ask the author if you explain why and how you feel about finding your public contribution on a commercial site.


Hi Petras,

@erfan.rezaei.azari might be able to answer why they choose not to notify you.

IMO it’s inappropriate to do such a literal copy paste without proper crediting and notification.


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Hi Petras

We want to apologize for any inconvenience our mistake might have caused you.

We have removed the post from our website.


Parametric House

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Thanks, next time just contact me in advance :wink:

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Sure :slight_smile:

Have you had a chance to discuss this with Parametric House directly?


No, this was the first time. And I think we resolved this issue.

I experienced the same on chinese and iranian webpages as well. I found out by accident. I was searching in the net for a very unique string which was part of my code. Et voila. The Chinese guys even took my images and put their logo under mine. But yeah, I see it as a positive feedback. Open source will always be misused at some point. By accident or not. If my employer wouldn’t taught me the fundamentals of open source legal issues (such as copy left), I would still misunderstand a lot. Just don’t put it on the net for free if you care, that’s the truth behind.

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