Trouble Opening NGon Example Files


I’m working on a project on using bamboo to construct lamella structures, a type of reciprocal Zollinger structure. So far my teammate and I have largely relied on making physical study models, but we would like to make a Grasshopper model to better understand how to control the form and get precise angles and joint information for fabrication.

We came across this page by Petras Vestartas, the designer of the NGon plug-in: Getting started with Nexorades, Reciprocal, Zollinger and others. It seemed like exactly what we needed! But we’ve been having a lot of trouble opening the files he provided, since many assembly components appear to be missing. Neither of us, with two different computers and Rhino accounts, have been able to open the files successfully. We tried opening both via downloading from the forum page and via the NGon plug-in folder.


Oddly, no one else on the forum page has reported this problem. If anyone knows what is causing this issue, and/or how we can fix it, we would be very grateful!

@Petras_Vestartas can you help here?


You need to give a path where NGonsCore.dll is on your pc.

These are example files in code.