Getting started with Nexorades, Reciprocal, Zollinger and others

Hi @Feng_Ye ,

At the current moment there are:
a) compiled components for reciprocal structures
b) for zollinger there is c#, I kept it like this because had before a working projects that I needed always to peek at the source code. So it stays like this for now.

Hi Petras, i had the same problem… I am using Rhino7 and tried to give directory to the folder with the files, however after doing that i got this error message that the archive is corrupt. Do u know what i might have done wrong ?

Hello Petras
Can the inclination of the modules be changed? The relationship of the vertices is supposed to always go in one direction, but in the row the direction is opposite, creating two connections in opposite directions that in turn They sometimes cause small and large triangles in the grid.