Getting double entity on every object I import from illustrator

Hi there, have a small problem hope someone can help with.

I am making DXF’s from illustrator and bringing them into rhino for cleanup before it goes on the CNC Plasma.
Problem is everything I import to rhino has double entity. Such that I have to go through and select all lines/entities and delete one instance.

Anyone have any insight?

No insight as to why but have you tried the SelDup Command?

Does SelDup select them?

My feeling is you might have the trace plus the fill importing or something…


Seldup “No duplicated found “”” “”


…although these days the fill comes in as a hatch which is nice (if that’s what you want)

Illustrator has always been a right pain in the whatsit for those of us who actually cut out physical things.
Most of the trouble with duplicates is to do with how it handles compound paths. In illustrator, select all your objects and Release Compound path (Alt+Ctrl+Shift+8). Then no fill, hairline outline and DXF it out.

That may not be the cause, but it’s worth a try.