Duplicate curves on DXF/DWG import

I imported a DXF file into Rhino and get a block. I then Explode the block and all the curves are duplicate. Tried DWG import and the same thing. The file is exported from Illustrator to create a file to laser engrave with other elements from Rhino. Normally I’d just go over every curve and delete the dups but there are a few thousand little curves and they are EXACT dups right on top of each other. I tried SELDUP but that didn’t find one duplicate…
I’m running Rhino 5 and even downloaded V6 trial to see if it would make a difference. I think Grasshopper/Kangaroo could do the trick but I have no idea how to use it.
The question is, Is there any way to import the file and not get duplicates? or is there something I’m missing? Its a pretty complex design of a tree that I will hatch to engrave and then incorporate into some other curves that the laser will cut.

Thanks so much guys for any help.

Hello - can you post here, or send the AI file to tech@mcneel.com, with a link back here in your comments?


Thank you! I emailed the file