Importing files from Adobe Illustrator - multiple curves on some objects for no apparent reason

I’m using Adobe Illustrator to draw 2D projections which I then import into Rhino. I’m noticing very often that shapes are creating duplicate curves for no reason. This is creating headaches in Rhino and there are almost twice as many imported curves as needed— and I’m finding that I have to delete the duplicates to get any work done.

I’m not sure if this is caused by different shapes sharing the same anchor point location. In trying to debug this issue, I’m finding it’s pretty inconsistent.

I’ve attached a couple Illustrator files and the resulting Rhino files. In both examples, there are objects where in Illustrator, there is one curve, but once imported into Rhino, many shapes have duplicate curves. (576.0 KB) test.3dm (65.7 KB) (573.4 KB) test-simpler.3dm (38.6 KB)

Hi Brandon- you may get duplicates if the shapes have fills in AI.


As Pascal says.

Also, the other “fun” things to watch out for with Illustrator files are gradient fills and compound paths.
In Illustrator make sure everything is set with no fill and hairline outline. Also split apart any compound paths.

OK thanks for the replies. I was pretty sure the attached files contained no compound paths, but there were fills on most of the paths. ( I thought I had fixed this prior to saving. )

Selecting the entire document and setting only stroked prior to save/import seems to have fixed the issue.