.dwg import: skipped objects


is there any way to get more info on the entity type that was skipped on import?


Hi Daniel,

Back in the days when I was doing that, ignored objects were of type Face (in autocad) and MText. You should check and identify what’s missing. I don’t know over the years with Rhino5 and Rhino6 some skipped objects might have been fixed.

Or upload example files here.

I just opened the .dwg in illustrator cc2018 and illustrator imported additional hatch items that I was suspecting to be missing.

so hatches in this case… :wink:

would be helpful if the importer could state in more detail!

:slight_smile: yeah, right hatches too. because in Rhino and Autocad they are implemented differently.

@pascal I think this is a long overdue issue.

Importing a AutoCAD’22 file in R7.
Missing a few hatches of the same layer/properties. Any reason why some hatches are imported and others not. Any way to re-create them in AutoCAD so that the rhino import does not skip them?


Hello - can you post or send us at tech@mcneel.com a dwg file ( the smaller/simpler the better) that shows the problem? Please include a link back to this topic in your comments.


Hi @pascal
I emailed you the file. Thanks for looking into it.

Hello - thanks, I have your file, a developer is going to see if he can tell what Rhino does not like.

@saket - it looks like the boundary curves are self-intersecting on the missing hatches.
We’ll add the ability to get more verbose feedback when importing dwg files so there will be at least some more information about what might have gone wrong.


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