Get Floor Sketch


Just looking to get the internal sketch linework of a Revit Floor. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks

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Use the custom python component in the attached definition. This will be implemented as a native GH component soon. (6.3 KB)


any solution to use this in reverse? i want to have a floor boundary with the penetrations sketched so all floors are generated with holes in revit.
any help will be much appreciated

I might be missing something here but in this instance it depends how the opening was placed, if by Floor Profile the Host Boundary Profile is the way to go. Or if in this case i used the revit Ui to add a shaft opening i needed to get the Host Faces to get the proper curves.

Hi Japhy,
Thank you for your prompt reply. if I read this correctly this about getting a floor slabs from revit to Rhino.
I am trying to generate floor slabs from rhino profiles and adding them as floor slabs in the Revit model. if you have a simple boundary profile the floor slabs are generated without any issues. If a second profile is added for penetration purposes, that is ignored. However in Revit this is possible to generate. as illustrated in you image. revit can generated penetration in two ways either you have a shaft drawn or you can sketch it. my goal is to have the second approach. attached is a basic approach to illustrate my intent.

Thank you

In Revit 2022, you can create Floors from Curveloops. Before that version, it’s not possible.

Per what Macahit mentioned, the components need to work on on Revit 2018 and above.

One solution would be to use Shaft openings to control the openings.

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Thank you for the reply. I got.
The project i am working on is on 2020 revit version. Also it appears you have a latest build. as i dont have the add shaft opening. will need to chase IT again.
what is the build you are using?

Hi MNT, Those were added in v1.6.8102.16819