Slabs/Floors with Opening

Hi all!
I’m trying to turn two curves (outside border and inside hole) into a single slab but though it is indeed possible in Revit with just “one sketch-two curves” in GH as I have to manage the curves with a list I get two overlapping slabs.
Am I doing something wrong or is it not “yet” possible?

BTW Rhino.Inside is AWESOME. I need to build something in revit and I thought that for the sake of coherence I’d do it in Dynamo… after trying Rhino.Inside for two hours I sent Dynamo packing! The difference is brutal.
Thanks to the team!

@arquitextonica Hi. Yes that is correct. The component does not support multiple curve loops at the moment. This is the Revit API limitation so hopefully we can support his soon. Take a look at the custom python components for Shaft Openings here :point_right:

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It’s on Adsk then… Thanks for the tip. Will try to do it also through direct shape, which I haven’t tried yet.

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any news about this function? would be great if it has this

hey did you succeed with add direct shape? i tried as well, but didn’t work. it says: 1. BRepBuilder cannot assign edge geometry for edge 7. would be great if you can sure experience

No. Resorted to decomposing the floor slab in several adyacent “tiles”. Is an improper way, but suits me so far.

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thank you a lot!