Rhino inside Revit shaft problem

I’m trying to create a floor opening using the Create Shaft component shared here: Rhino.Inside®.Revit

Feeding it a closed polyline curve, like a simple rectangle, i keep recieving an error saying “grasshopper Lines must be in closed loops” I’ve tried again and again with different polylines, genereated in different ways but with no luck.

I’ve then tried with a simple circle as the input curve. In this case the component works perfectly, generating an opening in the desired floors in Revit.

Anyways i’m missing something? Anyone can help?
Thanks much

The Curve input expects a list of curves. Try splitting the input curve and it should work.

Can someone help with shaft input

1st - list of closed curves
2nd - Base level by picker level
3rd - Bottom offset (-500) mm by panel
4th - Top level by picker level
5th - Top offset (500) mm by panel

there is no error and no shaft in revit created

@klonixx hi, I had the same issue and I eventually got it working as I connected a -Level- container inbetween. That`s different from the image showed in the RIR guide.
Not sure about it, I hope it works in your file too.

Thank you, @alejandrocgaltas . Can you add an image? What do you mean “inbetween”?

I mean this two guys in green. Also, it seems helpfull to explode the curves even though they were correct closed rectangular curves.

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I’ve got it.
But I can’t understand what is the unit

What unit do you mean?