Rhino Inside Revit Add Floor Component VS Add Roof Component


I am trying to create floors using the Add Floor component, but the later is not working. The error message I get is:

  1. RhinoInside.Revit.GH: The input curve loops cannot compose a valid boundary, that means: the “curveLoops” collection is empty; or some curve loops intersect with each other; or each curve loop is not closed individually; or each curve loop is not planar; or each curve loop is not in a plane parallel to the horizontal(XY) plane; or input curves contain at least one helical curve.

  2. Transaction RolledBack and aborted.

I have tried to use the Add Roof component and it works fine.

Anyone knows what is the problem here?


Hi @douniatouil,

‘Add Floor’ takes a list of boundaries, and creates a floor for each list.
Have in mind that you can provide internal boundaries.

To use the data you currently have right click on the ‘B’ input and pick ‘Graft’, this will convert your list into a list of lists.

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Hi Kike,

Thanks a lot for the speedy reply! It works perfect now :slight_smile: