Parakeet geometry not displayed

Hello everyone, I’m Dawid and i have a problem:
Why is the geometry generated by plugin Parakeet not displayed? When I use Lunchbox plugin for example everything is ok. I’m using free plan, Rhino 7.
Second question: which input manipulators like a sliders, graph mapper etc support Shapediver? I woudl like to use MD Slider but it is not displayed.

Free plans are all linked to Rhino 6 servers. Please test if your definition runs in Rhino 6 before uploading it. Designer and Business accounts have the option to switch to Rhino 7.

The MD Slider and Graph mappers are not supported by ShapeDiver currently. We are considering it but not with high priority. See this documentation article about supported inputs: Inputs and outputs

Thanks for quick answer.
Unfortunately I don’t have version 6 of Rhino.
It’s not even a definition so does it matters what version of Rhino I use? I’m just throwing in GH any tiling or pattern generator but nothing is displayed in Shapediver.

Do you have an minimal definition I can test with?

Yes of course.
parakeet (4.0 KB)

Unfortunately, the definition does not work because the versioning mechanism of Parakeet is not compatible with the ShapeDiver system currently, and it is causing issues since the latest Parakeet updates. We are in contact with the developers to try and solve the issue.