Geometry Gym - Assigning Frame Loads


I am attempting to assign frame loads to a 2D structure and then export that information to SAP2000 and ran across a few issues.

  1. Since I have a 2D frame, the load should be applied in SAP as “distributed” in units of kips/ft. How could I ensure that the loads are applied in this manner when the inputs for the ggSAPLoadAreaToFrame component only accept surface area loads in units of lbs/ft^2, N/m^2, etc.? The elements highlighted in green are the ones in which I am attempting to assign a load too.

  1. When baking the model to SAP, I would expect to be able to view the distributed loads that I set in grasshopper on my frame. However, when I am in SAP and go to Display—> Show Element Load Assigns ----> Frame, this is my output.

As you can see, it does not allow me to view the loads applied. Do these loads need to be applied manually in SAP? I checked a few of the examples on GeometryGym’s website and seemed to be running into the same issue.

I am a bit new to using ggSAP within grasshopper so I apologize if any of this may seem like common sense.


Hi Johnny,

To achieve a uniform load on a frame (or a patch or varying load), there are components specific to this.
The area to frame load component can be used when area elements act as load panels, distributing an area load to supporting frame elements.

Refer to this image, and you can right click on the load units input and set it to Kip/Foot.

220413 frame load (6.5 KB)

Let me know if this doesn’t make sense.




Yes using those components I was able to solve my issues.