Geometry Gym - GSA - Bridgeloader

Hello to all,

Has anyone used the bridge loader and more specifically the creation of alignments and paths prior to using the bridge analysis?

The issue in my case is that the slab I am currently working on is not straight it is curved and consequently there are lengths along the alignment which are straight, curved or in between of these two (a transition zone).

Therefore, using GSA directly to create the alignment isn’t helpful since it doesn’t represent the real profile of the slab.

Could anyone share a script on how to incorporate alignments and paths with the geometry gym or even provide some guidance to the above inquiry.



Hi Eleni,

I’ll email you shortly on this topic. We’re presently enabling alignment import for IFC (and at least some landxml) for Grasshopper, refer here: Convert landxml data to lines/curves/meshes

It will then be possible to setout structure etc from the alignment curve.
Look forward to your feedback on this,