Combined use of Grasshopper and SAP2000

Dear all,
Anyone know how to use Grasshopper and SAP2000 at the same time. In some videos in youtube I’d seen that they use this two sofware at the same time and, when they do changes in Grasshopper, the model on SAP2000 change automatically. I installed a plug in called GeometryGym, but I don’t know how to use.

Please help me if you know how I can do this or if you know where I can find out tutorials about this.


There is a step by step guide on setting up a SAP model in Grasshopper using Geometry Gym plug-in here.

There is also some further example here:

General information on how Geometry Gym works + Tips on how to use the plug-in for Structural Analysis is here:

Note that Geometry Gyms philosophy is to only interact with SAP at ‘bake’ time. So the real-time update of a SAP model might not be completely up to your expectations. The alternative means you require an active SAP installation to develop scripts etc.

Hope this helps you get started.


Thank you so much, this is so useful for me. The tutorial is very complete and easy to understand!

It’s just what I need to begin to start my project. Thank you.


Thanks for the feedback. Please post any other issues or questions you may have. Cheers