Geometry definition

Hello, in a situation where I have a solid rectangular geometry and I need to control its dimensions parametrically by changing the number slider, would that be possible?

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I am developing a simulation study to analyze urban comfort conditions. In the current scenario I have geometries, which represent the buildings, at the moment I need a definition that is possible to change the dimensions of the geometry. Could you help me with this question?


In fact, I already have the curves and geometry defined. Do I need to create a definition capable of changing the distances between one geometry and another, or also, if it would be possible to move the solid face?

3. Attach minimal versions of all the relevant files

Do you?

What “solid face”? Each “box” uses a point/plane as its location and orientation. How those points are created is another subject. Your questions so far are vague, leading to vague answers.

Sorry, I’ve been using grasshopper for a while. But the geometry I’m referring to was created from Set Multiplie Curves, Boundary Surfaces and Extrude. The problem is to find a definition that makes it possible to change the distance between a geometry, that is, to change the dimension of the geometry in X and Y.

Perhaps the Scale NU component?

use the ‘move’ component