How to design with dimension in rhino?

hi and sry for my bad english .i just want to find out is there any way in rhino to design with dimention? the rhino’s dimention is just some text and dont influence the design part .
i mean when u add dimention to a line and rhino shows th 20 when u change it to 30 the line stil is at the same length .
is there any way to design like solid works in rhino whith dimention?

If you begin drawing a line and type in the length, say 20mm and hit return the line length will change, press your left mouse button to apply.

This is the same with most commands, offset, for example: Select the curve to offset, type in the value, if it looks too close of too far, type in another value and hit enter to apply the value then click the left mouse to execute the command.

Hoep this helps

hi . tnx for your help but if i be exact i mean is there any way to change the first length of a line o height of a cube? after u design a line and give a length to it how u can chang it length acuurate?

Rhino isn’t dimension driven in the way you describe, so no, that’s not possible. There is a parametric plugin for Rhino by Driving Dimensions that adds a level of parametric (and dimension driven) capability, but don’t expect it magically turn Rhino into Solidworks or Inventor!

Alternatively, take a look at Grasshopper, which does things in a different way, but is a very powerful tool for Rhino. I just wish I had the time to properly learn how to use it…

nah… it’s possible to change a line length or box dimensions after they’re drawn using the scale tools.


select a line and run the _Scale command… click on each end of the line then type a dimension… the line will change to that size (with the point of the first click staying in place)…

draw a box and run the _Scale1D command… click on a bottom left corner then click on a top left corner… enter a dimension… the box will change size vertically to the new dimension…


(the _Scale command could be thought of as Scale3D since all 3 dimensions will scale proportionately when using it)

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Awesome …….great tip. Thanks

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You also have Move Face for simple 3D shapes or Extend for curves.

Another workaround is Extrude Face (boolean Union and the Merge Faces)

Hi Mehdi
You can draw an object and then change with MoveFace etc. and then dimension update.
Dim with option Object.
Ciao Vittorio

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short and usefull . Thanks alot

Must admit that, after playing around with Inventor LT a bit, clicking on a dimension and typing in a new dimension is a very fast and fluid way to work.

Parametric data can be useful in conditions that are more mechanical or geometric. Not so much when I want to explore organic shapes and experiment, then it just gets in the way or worse, makes the design painfully ugly.

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Also check menu Panel -> Box Edit
You then select an object and type the desired dimensions.

Sub-Object Selection is also massively powerful for editing objects. Re-sizing boxes with it is even easier than all the other methods above.

what about for selecting an object, entering a dimension, then the object becomes that size?
i thought this was possible with gumball but if so, i haven’t figured it out yet.

Not that I know of, but I don’t use gumball.