Parameterize method for a nice geometry

Hi, All.
I have a reference image from Zaha studio. I would like to research how to make it by grasshopper, but it seems the geometry is controled by some kind of eqation that I don’t know. So though I can build the shape by Rhino , I can not make it parameterized .
Does any professor know how can I study and research further on geometry creation, I would like to create more new geometries other than just copy from precedents :thinking:
Thanks anyone who reply my topic :slightly_smiling_face:
The ref image is here

And my model is here for your reference.
A nice geometry.3dm (1.1 MB)

These are four rectangular tubes mirrored next to each other.

  1. Take a list of squares along one line
  2. Rotate them gradually along the line axis
  3. Loft
  4. Mirror the loft 4 times.
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Why? What exactly is the point? Does Design these days mean nothing unless the world “parameterized” can be stuck in front of it?

Thanks Petras. Now I know that I don’t figure out a correct logic for this shape. Thanks!

It is all based on how to express your design thinking :slightly_smiling_face:

If you get into one project, you want to speed up your design process, you could choose a preferred skill to demonstrate your thoughts – this is my reason for do some research on what interests me.

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