Converting a geometry to a parametric object

Hello everyone, I drew the attached geometry in Rhino. I want to draw it in GrassHopper
I want all geometry dimensions including arc dimensions to be parametric…how do I do that.

Hi -

It’s very hard to answer that question without knowing what you can do in Grasshopper. Can you draw a parametric rectangle in Grasshopper? That would be a start. From there, add a circle. Extrude…
-wim (10.4 KB)

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Geometry needs to be created using Grasshopper to be able to control it using Grasshopper. It usually is not possible to convert existing Geometry to be controlled using Grasshopper.

Well, I wouldn’t put it that way. It’s common to access Rhino geometry via params and then take it apart and manipulate or add to it. That’s why I suggested Cap Holes in the duplicate thread:

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Thank you very much for this explanation