Parameters are read-only

Hi All,

I’m trying generate a set of parameters from a list and in input the values.

Elements are going into the list Grafted so they go one by one and the parameter names populate in each. My basic test of one element that already exists this worked, but when I generate some basic cylinder forms and populate them it says they are ready only.

Has anyone dealt with newly generated families triggering read-only errors before?

Thank you!

Hi Scott, can you provide a small example? I’m not sure what to build to replicate the situation. Thanks

Sure I’ll try replicate it with a small example tomorrow. This script is pretty long I won’t up load the entire thing. I was wondering if one drive was causing it as it chooses it’s own files to add and remove.

But, I’ll whip up something tomorrow and if you can replicate the problem then I guess one drive isn’t the issue.

Thanks for your help @Japhy !!

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