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Hi there,

I have a set of blocks of which I would like to add it’s contents to Revit as new component families. For that I am using the ‘New Component Family’ gh component (following the tutorial Rhino.Inside®.Revit). This works fine, however the gh component only has a Location parameter, so I cannot get the other transformations to Revit. Is there a way to insert a component in Revit and set its full transformation matrix?

I don’t want to explode the blocks because there are many repetitions, so the model gets clogged.

@scottd, do you have any ideas maybe?

Hi @timcastelijn,

As long as I know Revit Family instances can only be translated and oriented, but not scaled. That’s why the input is a Plane instead of a Transform.

You can just do…

Hi @kike,

Thanks a lot, that did the trick