Rhino.Inside.Revit Workflow Issues (Editability in Revit)

Hi All,

I am currently trialling and testing some workflows in Rhino.Inside.Revit and have the following questions:

Is it possible to create an element like a column (or any element) in rhino (see attached) convert it to Revit using Add Geometry DirectShape via grasshopper to have the same property identity data like a column created natively in Revit?

In attached is the property data of a natively made column as opposed to the rhino made column (on the left)



Normally I would use the add column component. That will create a column using a standard Revit type. That is a native Revit column.

There is an example of that here: Rhino.Inside®.Revit

Now it is possible to create component Families that can be edited in Revit, but not by parameter. But the column category does not allow component Families, just the built in types.