Future of Brazil

HI Andy,

Iam wondering whats coming in future release of Brazil?

Would like to see ability to scale environments/ HDR spheres and option to shut off the graphic of the Environment but still get the effects of its lighting with a gray background.

If others have functionality they would like see in Brazil/Neon please add to this topic.


The second part is already possible. Just use a background override.

Environment scaling is now done and will be in SR3.

Hey Andy,

Where is a Background override?

Good new on scaling!



The overrides are in the Brazil settings, Environment section.

ie. Here.

Note the new scaling option - you won’t have that yet.

Ok guys. My last question around brazil and his development. I have very like brazil All my “art” renderings i did in him but i have to live from something and brazil is in commercial sphere more and more unusable. He is slow and for example keyshot is better for us.

And my question is : Will you work on brazil in near future or it is for you dead renderer and your focus is now Cycles?

Very thank you for direct answer.

  • peter

There will be a Brazil for Rhino 6. However, it is unlikely that there will be further development of the actual Brazil rendering core.


Well at one time the tech behind Neon was suppose to be the basis for future Brazil, but that’s all done now, Imagination Technologies is more interested in phones than the tiny “professional” market, the Caustic boards are discontinued(which is too bad, they were pretty cool.)