Planar background override

I’ve got a scene with an HDR environment, a single color set to override the background, and some glass. In Neon, the background override is visible through the glass, in Brazil the environment map is what shows through. Is there a way to get Brazil to match what Neon does here?

There’s something wrong here. I’ll look into it more tomorrow (hopefully - if I can get out from under the pile of other stuff)

Any ETA on that? With the WCS mapping bug in Neon I kinda need to use Brazil(would Box mapping give an analogous result?) Which reminds me though, funny thing that recently I seem to be finding Brazil(with the cache of course)faster than Neon even with the Caustic board, at least on current work that’s not exploiting DOF or the like. I suppose Neon has helped me get Brazil dialed-in better, and/or it’s the effect of Neon being throttled to enable me to keep working.