:: Brazil Development Doubt! ::

Hi all,
-I was wondering, why the development of Brazil for Rhino is going slow? (Not much improvement have been made, neither new features added!)

  • Would it be dropped as Neon in the couple years? Or there’s still plan to make it available? (Just in case for us users to find early an alternative-I do use Vray-and Maxwell though :wink:
    -Plus it is one of the most expensive render engines compering with Vray, Iray, and close to Maxwell, is it intend to convince users to stop using it?
    -Lacking the materials library, only few can be found in the site!!


I doubt it will be dropped. However, the core of Brazil is no longer developed - at least by the original development team. We have all of the source code and we can continue to fix bugs and make things work better on newer versions of Rhino. To some extent, we can also add new features (we have done this - for example, the iridescence).

The core of Brazil is getting dated - it doesn’t support GPU rendering, and it doesn’t have a physically based shader system. That’s why we are slowly moving over to using Cycles as the core of much of our new rendering tools.

Brazil will stick around for a while though - because it is the reference implementation for integration of a production rendering engine into Rhino.

  • Andy