Furniture Showing on All Levels



This seems to only happen with the wardrobe. I have it placed on a floor, but the 2d projection appears on every floor.

Anyone find a fix?


Hi @Joel_Laurino this is a bug that happens to VisualARQ objects driven by Grasshopper definitions when they have a Plan view representation different than the model view representation. We have fixed this bug in the next VisualARQ 2 release that we will publish next week.


Thank you!


Hello, I still have the Problem. All Furnitures on every VisualARQ Layer appear in every 2D Section. Is it fixed ? My VisARQ Version is
Thank´s a lot


@BenjaminGerner yes, this should be already fixed. Try it out with the 2.0.18 version that is currently available. If the problem persists, please send the model to and we will check it out.


Hello, yes, the problem still exist, i send the model. Thank´s again