Fullscreen on second monitor and some other UI stuff (RiR)

A couple of things which I would like to point out.

  1. Making Rhino fullscreen on second monitor blocks Revit UI.
  1. RiR UI resets every time I close Revit even if I got some custom Rhino WIP UI. It’s a very annoying interface to deal with when I am only testing RiR and frankly, I can’t imagine making actual work if my UI resets every time.

My Rhino WIP UI:


  1. Is it possible that RiR harvested all of my keyboard shortcuts in Revit besides “R” - to launch Rhino? Even if it’s not loaded?

I checked my point 3 from my previous post by repairing Revit and it seems that RiR indeed deleted all of the shortcuts.
As I was testing it, before the first run of RiR after Revit repair, I added “R” shortcut to some random function. By doing that I avoided deleting of any shortcut.
Probably just exporting Revit shortcuts before the first run of the RiR and reimporting them afterward would work just the same.

Well, now even if I got “R” assigned back to Rhino (I deleted the previous “R” shortcut) I can’t toggle Rhino window. Ctrl + R works fine and opens new instance.


I recently fixed point one and three.
I add number two to the bug list.

In order to test point three remember to reset Revit keyboard shortcuts before reinstalling.
There are instructions on how to do it here.

You can update, as usual, from here.

Thanks for keep testing it.

I still struggle with it. I deleted KeyboardShortcuts.xml, even reinstalled Revit and RiR but now every time I click inside Revit, Rhino window minimizes (R-key toggle is still not working for me).

About the window issue, in order to be sure Rhino does not run outside Revit API context when the user clicks back in the Revit window I hide all the Rhino UI. So, by now, what you are experiencing is how is supposed it should work. I agree with you there is room to improve this.

On the shortcuts thing, could you please send me the KeyboardShorcuts.xml file on your computer?

Have in mind that since there are other shortcuts that start by R you should press spacebar after R.

I managed my shortcuts - that one was silly, it was about that spacebar after R.

As for the windows, now it is much better when I can bring them back with the keyboard shortcut.
I personally would expect the same behavior between RiR and Revit windows as between Rhino & Grasshopper - it just feels natural to me.


I would agree with Jakub. Having grasshopper minimize every time you click outside of it is slowing the workflow. Why not keep it maxmizied until the user hits the minimize button? That`s what everybody would expect.

This has changed in the today release.
Please update your copy from here.

Hi @kike you fighted with it a lot. It is certainly better now. However, there is still one thing from being perfect. When I work on one monitor I can’t toggle by Alt + Tab between Revit and maximized RiR. Is it going to stay this way?