How to keep Rhino/GH windows upon when working in Revit?

Is there a way to keep Rhino and Grasshopper windows open when I work inside Revit? This is a frustrating bit of functionality, particularly when I’m trying to show my team how smooth the workflow can be when the windows keep disappearing when I jump back to Revit.


Yes, this would be a great improvement. Every single time you click somewhere else, the Rhino/Grasshopper window disappears.

I use one screen, putting revit on one side, rhino/gh on the other.

reopening rhino with “R” + space in revit is a quick way of finding your window again. For me, this replaced a alt-tab habit. Still would prefer this thing didnt hide itself all the time.

This is really frustrating, would be great if there was a fix.

Hey @schmid.matt
We are testing a solution for this. Should be able to publish soon :slight_smile:


I know does not seem impressive but it toke so many time to have this working.
Hopefully will be available on the next release. :crossed_fingers:


This has changed in the today release.
Please update your copy from here.