Rhino.Inside Shortcuts Frozen - not working within GH or Rhino


This morning reinstalled the latest RiR version upon returning from the holidays (it prompted me to reinstall the Rhino WIP to the latest version as well which I did). While Rhino is running inside Revit and all of my definitions I built in previous versions of RiR are functioning properly, I am finding all my keyboard shortcuts (CTRL +Z, CTRL + Y, etc.) along with simple key functions (DEL, ESC, etc.) are not working in GH and seem to be frozen. This results in me having to go to the menu tab, edit>undo edit>delete. Is anyone else running into this issue? While the archaic way works it is inconvenient and I am hoping that we can come to a solution.

Not sure if it matters, but this same issue exists with operations in RiR independent of if Grasshopper is open or not. I can use Rhino, but no shortcuts or keystrokes work within the program model space.

Happy to clarify as needed. Thanks!

This was fixed.