Delete/Escape key Revit override

I’m using the latest RiR with Revit 2020. In previous builds Delete key in RiR was override by Delete function in Revit, but in Grasshopper window everything was working as it should.
Nowadays, both Esc and Delete keys are triggering Revit functions instead of Rhino/Grasshopper which means that I can’t delete geometry, components nor deselect them.


I checked it again, made some reinstalls, etc. and there is clearly a problem with the new build. 2019-12-30 14:44:44
I can’t even copy (ctrl + c) components on GH canvas or save GH file by keybaord shortcut (ctrl + s).
Thankfully, I still had some previous installers in my downloads folder and this problem is not existing in build: 2019-12-23 11:20:18. Unfortunately, I don’t remember if there were some other problems with this build but I must use it for now.

Maybe a good idea would be some changes in the download section. For example list with 5 latest builds with release dates


I updated mine and can confirm this is happening. Actually none of the shortcuts work and it is very annoying.

Hey @kike do you know what has changed since the previous version?

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The problem was the previous fix didn’t fix the Delete key on Rhino.
I tried to fix this in RiR but the fix needs to be done in Rhino, and it’s done.
The new Rhino WIP that use to be released every Tuesday will include that fix.

Sorry for the inconvenience this week.


@kike May I ask what’s the reason for keys not correctly triggered?

Sure, no problem.

In summary, some keyboard accelerators like Delete, Cut, Copy, Paste… were routed to the process main window, witch is correct when Rhino loads stand alone, but is not when loaded inside an other process, in this case Revit.

Hello Kike,

I still had the same problem eventho i already updated the latest Rhino wip version and latest RiR version
my rhino version is Work In Progress (7.0.20014.11185, 01/14/2020) and RiR is 0.0.7324.23218.

In Gh, my shortcut button, copy, cut, paste, etc doesnt work at all.
and in Rhino it just the delete shortcut.

Thank you,
A huge Fan of RiR


The fix is finally in the latest Rhino WIP (7.0.20021.12255, 01/21/2020).

So please update your Rhino WIP


Yes its working.
Thank you

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Beautiful, thanks Kike

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