From a grid mesh to Hexagonal Mesh with all similar properties


I have added my Rhino 6
Rhino 6_Grid To Hex.3dm (140.2 KB) (49.3 KB)
and GH files. The problem is that i need to change the grid net into hexagonal net.

I need to make sure that the mesh have similar size hexagons even if the latter is small or large which is why there is two mesh, one of 3M x 5M and another one of 3M x 2.5M. Dividing the mesh UV is not working as it depends on the mesh size. The hexagons size cannot change from one mesh to another just like the grids are behaving.

Another very important aspect is that all my planes in the project are non Planar. Is there someone who can kindly have a look at my Rhino and GH file and modify the Gh so that I have all the same behaviour from the mesh except its hexagonal and keeps its size on any mesh dimensions?

The hexagonal net will be held between top cable independently to the side and bottom cables just like the grid net.

Thank you in advance.
PS. I am actually freaking out because my whole project depends on it.

Not sure I follow this but I trust you can ensure it.

Here’s one way using one of your trimmed surfaces with a hole: (24.1 KB)

As you noted within your file, your kangaroo examples ‘work fine but need to be turned into hex grids’ - nonetheless you most likely and more conveniently want to generate the hex net first prior to simulating the net *with kangaroo.