Hexagonal grid inside one single hexagon surface (grasshopper beginner)

Hi everyone!
I’m new to grasshopper and tried to build a hexagon grid inside one single hexagon surface. After watching some videos on youtube, i came so far to define a quite fitting hexagon grid, but i’m failing to come further. My problem is to define the following things:

  1. The grid should just be inside the big hexagon. I tried to create some kind of boundary with deconstruct brep, but it doesn’t “cut off” the overlapping hexagons.
  2. Changing the direction of the hexagon cells - the hexagon cells should start out from the corners (screenshot)
  3. Extruding the offset grid (excluding the inside of the hexagon) to get hexagonal holes inside the surface, similiar to a honey comb.

I use Rhino6 and created the hexagon grid with the lunchbox plugin.
( LunchBox | Food4Rhino )

I appreciate if you could help me out here to improve my first attempt on grasshopper. Thank you!

210824_hexagon_grid.gh (7.2 KB)
210824_hexagon_grid_surface.3dm (55.4 KB)


Here’s one way you can generate a grid of hexagons inside a larger hexagon and create a surface using only standard components

hexagons.gh (10.6 KB)


Thank you very much for your response, your result looks exactly what I would like to achieve.
I loaded your solution, but unfortunately couldn’t find out how you created your shown result.
For me, it looks like this:

Hi Rico -

The file that Daniel posted works fine on Rhino 7 but appears to fail on Rhino 6. You could look into using a plug-in like Clipper to replace the Offset component in that graph.

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Thanks for pointing that out @wim - I didn’t know about this issue with offset in Rhino 6.

It works in 6 too if the input plane for Offset is set:
hexagons.gh (12.2 KB)