From 3D to flat foldout

I want to make a paper/cardboard model from a fairly basic 3D shape that I drew. Is there a way to turn a 3D form into a foldout vector or bitmap file. Is this something that Rhino supports?
Thank you, Han

If it is simple, then the _UnrollSrf command should work:

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I do this a lot. Use unjoin on the edges to define where you want the shape to split makes the unroll much cleaner.


Thanks for the input. Even with the fairly simple shape I drew it’s complicated to end up with a flat foldout version. The ‘labels’ option make it a bit more easy to know what goes where. But it seems like you need to rotate and assemble all the separate planar sections yourself. Or maibe I’m overseeing some option here…

PS. What is the proper term for these ‘foldout’s’. Maybe there is different software to generate this with?

UnrollSrf with Explode=No option???

Thanks! Leaving ‘explode’ unchecked does the trick. I had that on all the time and all parts came loose.

Thanks for helping me out guys.