Going From A 3D Drawing To A 2D Drawing


I am on a trial version of rhino 7 and I want to make sure it does what I need it to do before I buy it. I am a basic user, new to cad. The best way I know to explain what I need is to show an example.

Here I have a 3 dimensional item, I need to lay them out on a 2d sheet so that I can make the (real life) object.

How would I take this drawing, and extract the individual panels?

I am brand new to rhino (and cad in general) and tried the “make 2D” but that isnt really what I am looking for. I want to be able to lay out all the pieces that make up the 3d object so I can cut them on a cnc (2d process) and make the 3d object in real life

I greatly appreciate any help or nudge in the right direction that you can give me.

I believe the “explode” command is what you are looking for. That will separate your 3d object (solid closed poly surface) into individual surfaces. Then you can rearrange those surfaces using basic transformation commands like “move”, “rotate”, etc,. to fit your needs.

If you need those surfaces to be 2d line-work for 3d printing then you can go ahead and use the “make2d” command like you did previously once all your surfaces are arranged the way you like.

Welcome @flashc5,

What you’re looking for is the UnrollSrf command, which does exactly that. It does not optimize the layout, of the unrolled geometries though. For that you’d need the OpenNest add-on for Grasshopper, but I guess that’s not necessary for a simple geometry like this.

Thanks to both of you!!!

UnrollSrv was EXACTLY what i was looking for. Thank you so much