Pattern shapes to create 3D? Opposite of Unroll Srf

I am very new to Rhino and wanted to know if there was a way to connect shapes to make a 3D surface.
Basically the opposite of what unroll surface does? So if i had 6 pieces of paper connecting them to make a 3D shape would be make the cube, can this be done on Rhino?

Take a look at the command _FlowAlongSurface. You can set a flat surface with the same UV proportions of your 3D surface, and then make your details follow form one to the other.

In the case of a Cube you would have to draw and unrolled cube and so this FlowAlong for each face.


@emay Do you want to start with flat shapes, connect along the edges to determine the resulting shape? If so as far as I know there is no simple method to do so.


what method would you take to do this?

It’s a tricky challenge, especially if you want to also be able to handle curved developable surfaces, not just flat facets.

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