Frequent system crash when using rhino


i’m using the latest Rhino Version 5 and I have the following problem in the 32- andt the 64-Bit Version.
All the Time rhino works well and without stutter, but then suddenly the pc hangs up completely. Not only rhino crashes - nothing worksany more. Even the mouse pointer can’t be moved any more. These complete crashes exist only while I use rhino. These occur not at fixed times, but at random. Since I use my pc for the work, this is clean (there are not many programs installed on it). Rhino itself is also freshly installed. I have no other plugins installed.

My hardware configuration is:
processor: Intel i5-4570 with 4 Cores @ 3,2Ghz
ram: DDR3, 8GB
graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4600 with 2,1GB (onboard graphic card)
Windows 7 64 Bit with aktual updates

I hope you can help me :wink:

Which plug-ins are you running?
Does Rhino crash when you run it in safe mode?

Here is a list of the active plugins. I have only the neon renderer post-installed. But the problem occurred already before.
How do I run rhino in safe mode?

There should be a shortcut for it on your start menu - check under Start > All Programs > Rhinoceros 5

Hi Markus - there is nothing very suspicious looking in the plug-ins - what video card do you have, and is the video driver up to date?


Hi, I have an on-board graphics card, an Intel HD Graphics 4600 with 2.1GB. I just saw that the graphics card driver was not up-to-date (there was a version of 2013 installed.)
In general, an own graphics card (not on-board) probably makes more sense. This I will also test, if the problem persists.
Nevertheless, the error is strange because not only the program crashes, but the complete pc hangs.

If I am smarter, I will report, thank you so far for the help.

Hi, for all who are interested. Since I updated the drivers of the graphics card, there were no more crashes :slight_smile: