Freestyle Whitewater kayak built in Rhino 7 WIP

Freestyle kayak concept.


nice! are you going to make one?

nurbs? subd?

Yeah, once the shape is dialed in I will make one. This model is nurbs, I still have more control with nurbs than subd at the moment although I am looking forward to more of your videos on using subd. Here is a photo of the last kayak I made and a seat made with subd. I have watched most of your getting started with Rhino videos over the last couple of weeks and my wife said to me the other day “These videos are like your 3D Bob Ross.”



nice! Gorgeous Boat!!

make happy little Nurbs…

seat looks great!

As you continue to grow your subd skills, continue to try and simplify the models… can you name that tune with only 10 faces instead of 30?.. can you get your shape by pulling a face farther? Can you delete some edges and make the ones remaining work harder? keep removing edges until your shape falls apart, then add the last one you delete back in. Ultimately you will have more control and smoother models the simpler you can make the topology.

can you share more of your process? do you cnc molds and lay it up yourself? Would love to see the visuals going from digital to in the water!


Outsource the CNC of the plug, cut out of 2# EPS.
Once I get the foam part back there is a little bit of finish shaping and sanding.
Laminate the foam plug with epoxy and fiber glass.
Re-establish edge details lost during the laminating process.
Spray the plug with primer then more sanding and prep for mould making.
Once the mould is done then it’s on to resin infusion with composites.

I will share pictures.

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Freestyle kayaking on the Wenatchee River

Here is a short video from high water on the Wenatchee river this spring. This will give you an idea of the end goal for the boat design. Lot’s of fun.

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The shaping and finishing is very similar to making surfboards with a few autobody tricks.