Making a Kayak in Gravity Sketch

Hi! I am the Design Community Manager at Gravity Sketch. I thought I would share this Kayak that I made during a live YouTube session last week. Starting with a few references I started sketching the wireframe and then moved into surfacing with Gravity Sketch’s subd features.

I have also included some renders of the final product out of Blender using Cycles renderer.

My next step is to import into Rhino 7 WIP and explore the subd tools. I’ll share the file with the community and you all could let me know what you think!

Let me know what you think and if you have any questions about this process.

Making a Kayak in Gravity Sketch


Really nice form. Ever since I tried Gravity Sketch I have been a convert.

We can add to this workflow by using the new Cycles based render in Rhino 7. @theoutside can help with that.

Continue to process by:
Then run the hydrodynamics thru Orca3d?

CFD performance thru OrcaCFD.?

And the machine the results with RhinoCam?

It’s well done! I’d be interested to know what the affiliation with Rhino is though?

Thanks Scott!

My apologies. I wasnt clear in the original text. My next step is to bring the model from Gravity Sketch into Rhino and share the Rhino file with the community. Best!