Designing kayaks with rhino

i designed these two kayaks from scratch using rhino, had the parts cut out on a cnc machine and the kayaks go together like a swiss watch.


40 new photos by Warren Williamson


29 new photos by Warren Williamson

Hi Warren- Suhhhh-weet- Nice work; thanks for posting that.


All I can say is triple wow … The design and execution of it is absolutely to perfection.

All my best … Danny


Here are some more kayaks and other projects I work on.


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Very nice.

Are the mold edges square or beveled?

The stations for the strip kayak are square, 3/4 “ plywood cut out on a cnc in port townsend. There is a break away inside stem at each end that has a rolling bevel, you can see it in some of the pictures.

good lookin’ kayaks indeed. Do you design other, perhaps larger boats as well?

Absolutly beutiful.
My students at Lynden High School took on a similar project. Designed in Rhino , cut out the stations on a Shopbot, and used cedar, walnut, cherry, and maple to build a kayak… Not as well done as yours though.
Excellent craftsmanship.
How do they perform in the water. Ours was a little too round and is a little tippy. But performs well in one to two foot waves.
Dave weidkamp

Warren, your work is absolutely gorgeous! thanks so much for sharing and inspiring others.


The designs are fantastic, and the finished piece is a work of art! Wish I had the space for one of those at my place.



Both kayaks paddle like I entended. I think it’s just easy for me to design kayaks because I’ve been around the sport so much.


I have designed some other type of boats in rhino but haven’t built them yet.

Thanks Pascal,

I’ve been doing some work for superfeet over the past year. The two kayak projects were just my own projects.


I’m a long time yacht designer, mostly sailing yachts, but love boats of all types but preferably the tug over the barge… Attached are some examples both in rhino and in photos…cheers, Rob

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Beautiful boats Warren! I see that you seem to be using the ‘stitch and glue’ method in the second kayak with the flat panels. i have been building small boat hulls with rhino and CNC this way too, but instead of the wire ties which get in the way, i just tape up all the 1.5mm or 2mm ply panels on the outside, turn it over and glass the inside, then remove the tape on the outside and glass that too. it works a treat, and you don’t even need any frames on the inside to build it! the pieces create the form themselves. here are a couple of examples, a coracle and a thofothofo outrigger canoe from Aua and Wuvulu islands (their hull, my own outrigger).
best wishes,


Wow David - those are some very cool looking vessels! Really liking the little pod. Do you sit on the bench or the hull? It just looks like a smile-maker for both paddlers and observers.

Any of these being used as tenders by chance?

Very nice work - to all of you.

  • Ernest

thanks ernest - yes you sit on the bench and scull over the front with the single paddle. easy go nowhere until you get the hang of it! and easy to tip! just great fun! i tried it in the surf too! too small and maybe not rugged enough for a tender though.

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I think that’s one of the nicest things I’ve seen all year!

[quote=“David_Trubridge, post:18, topic:24895”]
and easy to tip!
[/quote] Yeah, it appears so!

I just saw a few of your videos William - very nice to see someone with your skills on the water.

What do you guys think about a skirt on that pod and a Greenland paddle + Skookumchuck? :smile: