Getting started Rhino for Windows- SubD Cars, strategy and layout

latest video drop, Enjoy!

Let’s see the awesome stuff you all make!


Very nice, thanks for the Friday night activity :smiley:

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post your results!

It became a Sunday Night activity :sweat_smile:some work showed up and I am working on rendering a boat for the biggest Brazilian Boat Show, the Sao Paulo Boat Show that starts on Tuesday.

but don’t worry, it is on my to do list :smiley:

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Took a while, but I finally got the time to try it out.

I Got this design

from here

And being the first time I ever did a Car for real, and like second or third time with subD, I left pretty happy with the results

Now I just need to make the wheels, door frame, windows, interior, mirrors and pretty much everything else :sweat_smile:

In the end I kinda used the drawing as inspiration, but as the video progressed I ended up doing my own thing and not following all the lines from the drawing.

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Start a new thread and lets see the progression!